5 Reasons the Eagles Have the Best Fans

Every fanbase in the NFL thinks their team is the best. They tell you things like: “We have more rings than you,” or “We are the loudest”. First off, rings have nothing to do with the fanbase and second, every teams’ fans are loud in their own way. What most fanbases are lacking is that true passion. Not the “we are in first place now so let’s jump on the bandwagon passion”. It’s the kind of passion that means your teams logo has to be on the very first piece of clothing your newborn baby wears. It’s the kind of passion that even when you have to dress up in nice clothes, you still find a way to incorporate your team on your tie or socks. It is that passion where you embrace, defend, and criticize players on your team like they are your family. You will find that passion in only one city — Philadelphia. Here are my top five reasons the Philadelphia Eagles have the best fanbase in the NFL:

1. Eagles Fans Are Everywhere

No matter where you go or what you do, there is a good chance you will run into an Eagles fan.  I am not talking about walking down South Street, I’m talking about being at a grocery store in Georgia and seeing someone wearing a midnight green hat with an Eagles logo or seeing someone with a Carson Wentz jersey at Taco Bell in Washington.  When you see those people, you are automatically connected.  You usually start with a common phrase like “Go Birds” and your conversation is off and running.  I once talked Eagles with a guy in a Georgia grocery store for about 15 minutes.  I do not even know his name, but I know he is an Eagles fan and that’s all that matters.

2. Passion, Passion, Passion

No fanbase wears their hearts on their sleeves more than Eagles fans.  After a loss you would think someone lost a loved one or Fletcher Cox shot their dog.  It is painful to see the Eagles lose.  Not just because Eagles fans can pinpoint what went wrong but because they have to wait a week before they get to see the Eagles try and redeem themselves.  That week is almost like a week in mourning.  Philly is known to be tough on their players.  It is tough love and the players know it.  In an interview prior to the Super Bowl in 2018, Jason Kelce stated Eagles fans are “About as die-hard as they come. They’re tough, blue collar. They’ve booed us as a team”.  The knocks Eagles fans get from other fanbases is out of pure jealously.

3. Eagles Fans Know Their Stuff

It is easy to rattle off box score numbers or give vague explanations about why your team sucks or doesn’t, but no other fanbase can breakdown a game or players performance like an Eagles fan can. They don’t forget either. I know all teams have their smart fans and there are some Eagles fans out there that might leave a little to be desired but overall, Eagles fans are at the top. In five years if Carson Wentz overthrows Miles Sanders by 10 yards on another wheel route, you better believe Eagles fans are going to point out exactly when he did that during the 2019 season. Talking to fans of other teams is another way to know who has the brains and who doesn’t. There is nothing more painful than having a debate with a Cowboys fan and all they can talk about are the rings they got back in the 1900’s. At that point, the conversation is over because you know nothing of substance will come out of that persons mouth.

4. Eagles Fans Will Never Turn Their Back

It does not matter how good or bad the Eagles are, Eagles fans will always be there. Timothy Rapp of Bleacher Report said it perfectly “Through thick and thin, we care, we show up and we don’t ignore our team. We’re a lot friendlier when they win, make no mistake about it, but you can guarantee that we’re still watching whether they’re 13-3 or 3-13.” During the rough times we might be tougher on them, but you will never see an empty stadium or a city of Philadelphia where people are not wearing green. There is no Eagles bandwagon. Some people might support a little harder during the good times, but I would say about 90% of the fans are at full throttle every day of the year.

Mark Gail/MCT/Getty Images

5. Only We Can Criticize Our Team

It is the same as your little brother.  You can say he is a punk or sucks at basketball but the minute someone else does, the gloves are off.  Their point may be valid, but it is not their point to be made because it’s not their brother.  Same goes with the Eagles.  We can say so-and-so is not good, but Mr. Cowboys fan better keep his mouth shut.  Eagles fans are very protective of their players, their team, and their city.

Those are my five reasons the Philadelphia Eagles have the best fanbase in all of the NFL.  If you think I missed one or you have a different top five list, don’t hesitate to comment below, or tweet me @toaef4133.  I would love to hear from you.


  1. Great Read! You are exactly right, growing up in Philadelphia you can be walking down the street with an Eagles shirt on not even on game day and someone will shout out “Go Birds!”, it’s a given. I’ve never gotten into sports much myself however, I will go watch the games and support my team. I think one thing your forgetting in your list is that Eagle Fans build tradition. The love is passed among family and gam day traditions are built to win.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s a good point. Like families pass down antiques and stuff like that, we pass down our love and passion for the Eagles. There is nothing like being an Eagles fan.


  2. This was absolutely perfect! you hit it right on the nail when you said that eagles fans are everywhere! you can be on south street or gerogia. I remember being stationed at fort carson colorado and going to the comissary to stack up on chips, dips, and wings for our barracks football parties and seeing all the eagles jerseys. all you would do is give a subtle nod like “yup. philly represent” and keep moving on.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was awesome seeing people in different parts of the country or world for that matter representing your team. What was even better is there was never an awkward moment if you said something to them. Nobody ever looked at you weird. They knew and you knew that there was that fan connection through the Birds.


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