What’s up, Eagles family, I am Matt.  I have a passion for sports, especially Philly sports. Working in sports radio has been a dream of mine for as long as I remember but I also love sports writing. I enjoy the history of the Philadelphia Eagles. I feel it’s important to know the history of any team you root for. Most of what you will read on this blog will be related to the history of the Birds although you will find some current stories from time to time also.

With each day that passes, my love for the Eagles grows. It is not an unhealthy love. You know that, Eagles fan who is reading this. It is about passion, determination, being the underdog, and being a champion. That is why we are all Eagles fans and will continue to be. My thoughts are not always going to be pleasant (as yours are not either), but they are honest and true, just like the Philly fans that we are.

I hope you enjoy this ride through the mind of an Eagles fan. Fly Eagles Fly!!