What’s up, Eagles family, I am Matt, I am a graduate student in communications at Drexel.  I have a passion for sports and want nothing more than to work in the sports media industry.  My ultimate goal is to be a Philly sports talk radio host, but I will take anything as long as it has to do with Philadelphia sports. I have studied the Philadelphia Eagles as much as some doctors studied medical journals.  My wife sometimes thinks it is a sickness, but I just see it as passion.  Family, Eagles, Oxygen are my three biggest needs in life.

Ever since I first saw the kelly green jerseys, silver pants, and the green helmet with an eagles wing on each side, I loved watching the Eagles. That did not change when the colors changed to midnight green. I have been to a few games at Veterans Stadium and a couple at Lincoln Financial Field.  Other than that, I cannot remember the last time I missed a game on television.  Even when I was in the Army deployed to Iraq, if I had the chance, I would get up at 2 or 3 a.m. to watch the game on Armed Forces Network.  If the Eagles are on, I have to watch or listen to it.

With each day that passes, my love for the Eagles grows. It is not an unhealthy love. You know that, Eagles fan who is reading this. It is about passion, determination, being the underdog, and being a champion. That is why we are all Eagles fans and will continue to be. My thoughts are not always going to be pleasant (as yours are not either), but they are honest and true, just like the Philly fans that we are.

Here I will give you my take on the current state of our beloved birds.  I will break down the games, roster, needs, wants and anything else going on in the Eagleverse.  I also love the history of the Eagles and will write about historical games, players, and stories. 

I hope you enjoy this ride through the mind of an Eagles fan. Fly Eagles Fly!!