Eagles Fans: It Is Time to Move On

Nick Foles will be a Philadelphia Eagles icon for all eternity.  What he did in 2017 after Carson Wentz tore his ACL is nothing short of remarkable.  If you lose your memory and have to be reminded, just go to Lincoln Financial Field, and check out his statue at the Headhouse Plaza.  Nick Foles helped […]

Brian Westbrook: More Than a Football Player

Playing football in Philadelphia is not easy.  It takes thick skin and an open mind to understand the passion of Philadelphia Eagles fans.  Eagles fans expect nothing but greatness and that adds extra pressure to players.  The lack of greatness may be overlooked if a player shows hard work, grittiness, and determination just like the […]

The Birth of the Birds (1933-39)

Success takes time and patience.  The greatest leaders need to learn and develop.  The greatest cooks need to craft their skills in the kitchen.  The greatest builders can’t just throw up a house without learning how.  It is okay to fail.  Greatness does not always happen overnight.  Our beloved Philadelphia Eagles are no exception.  It […]

How Is Eric Allen Not in the Hall of Fame?!?!

Every year a storyline comes up that every football fan debates.  Who should be in the Hall of Fame and who should not be in the Hall of Fame?  This usually happens sometime in early February when the new Hall of Fame inductees are announced and within the first couple weeks of training camp when […]

The Bridgewater Effect

It’s amazing how one single event can completely change the future.  In a split second everything that was 20 seconds ago, is completely different now.  It happens every day.  Unfortunately, the outcome is negative much of the time.  Violence, car accidents, medical diagnoses are some instances where the future might not turn out so great.  […]

Is Your Fantasy Football Team More Important Than the Eagles?

Ezekiel Elliott cuts to the outside.  Breaks one tackle then another.  He is down to the 10, the 5, touchdown!  You are screaming happy expletives.  But wait, you can’t stand Ezekiel Elliott and even more than that, the Dallas Cowboys.  You are a Philadelphia Eagles fan!  It is sacrilegious to root for the enemy.  The […]

Quite Possibly, the Greatest Song Ever Written

I don’t know what gets me more excited, watching the Eagles score a touchdown or what happens afterwards. It happens everywhere, in bars, on the street, even opposing stadiums, but at Lincoln Financial Field you can experience it the best. You start to here the boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, then everybody roars Fly […]

You Can Thank the Eagles for the Shamrock Shake

Around St. Patrick’s Day I am sure you have noticed McDonalds advertising their popular but seasonal Shamrock Shake.  It has a smooth minty flavor and bears my favorite color; green. Whether you are a fan of this popular shake or not, you might find the story of how it originated interesting.  If it wasn’t for […]

Warning: You Might Actually Be a Steelers Fan

There is a good chance you’re wondering from the title of this post what the heck I’m talking about, but it is possible that all of us Eagles fans are actually Steelers fans.  Well, not the current Steelers but the Steelers of the past.  I’m talking World War II era, around the time that the […]

5 Reasons the Eagles Have the Best Fans

Every fanbase in the NFL thinks their team is the best. They tell you things like: “We have more rings than you,” or “We are the loudest”. First off, rings have nothing to do with the fanbase and second, every teams’ fans are loud in their own way. What most fanbases are lacking is that […]

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