Favorite Links

When I want to read up on the latest Eagles news, research statistics, read Eagles blogs, or listen to local sports radio, these are the sites I turn to.

Philadelphia Eagles Homepage is the biggest source for Eagles news. Of course it is, it’s the official site of the Eagles. Eagles Insider, Dave Spadaro writes a daily article with the latest and greatest. There are team resources, fan resources, community resources. Everything you can think of can be found on this site.

Pro Football Reference is the bible of football statistics. There is no other site on the internet that compares to the amount of statistical information that this site has. On the homepage it reads, “The complete source for current and historical NFL, AFL, and AAFC players, teams, scores and leaders.” That couldn’t be more true.

Iggles Blitz with Tommy Lawlor is a great Eagles blog. There are a lot of Eagles blogs out there but I have always enjoyed this one. He is an Eagles fan that started writing for them back in 2003 and ended up writing for the Eagles a couple years later.

97.5 The Fanatic is my go to sports radio station for many reasons. I enjoy the hosts on the show. I feel more energy when talking sports than other stations. I don’t typically stream from the website, I usually listen in my car or stream from the app on my phone, but you can listen live on the site.